Wednesday, March 5, 2008

0066 - 0073

066: Each of us has his own fear but sooner or
later we must face it. It takes a lot of guts to
overcome it. So don't be afraid to face ur fear.
Go ahead, take a bath.

067: I may not be Pepsi, the choice of the new generation. I may not be Coca Cola, only the real thing. I may not be Nido, the world’s #1 but I can be PLDT, clearly for you.

068: How I wish I could see you today, I really miss you. I’l try to be der after my work, kya lang baka ako matrapik…baka di ako umabot! Anong oras ba magsasara ang Zoo?

069: If you are alone I'll be your shadow, if you want to cry I'll be your shoulder, if you want a hug I'll be your pillow, if you need to be happy I'll be your smile, if you need money wait for your salary.

070: If you love someone… set him free…if he comes back…may naiwan lang yun, wag kang mag ilusyon.

071: Looks may capture the eyes but it's the
personality that captures the heart. Kainis, I have both.

072: They can recycle paper till as if its new,
reclaim cans and jars and old bottles too,
but they can never recycle another person as wonderful as ME! Kala mo ikaw noh?!

073: Kung kahangahanga ka, CRUSH ang tawag
sa iyo. Kung mabait at matalino, IDOL! Pero kung kamukha kta, ano pang iniintay mo! MAG

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